UNIX to Plan 9 translation

What follows is a table of transliterations from UNIX to Plan 9 commands or syntactical elements of Bourne-like shells to the Plan 9 rc shell.

Plan 9 commands are typically not direct ports of UNIX commands and as such should not be expected to operate the same.

When in doubt, UNIX refers to your average GNU/Linux distribution and a Bourne-like shell, most likely bash(1). Similarly, when in doubt, Plan 9 refers to the 9front fork of Plan 9.



UNIX Plan 9
sh rc or ape/psh
apropros or man -k lookman
at specific-time while (! ~ `{date} specific-time){ commands }
cc ape/cc or the native [2c](http://man.cat-v.org/9front/1/2c) suite
ld The native [2l](http://man.cat-v.org/9front/1/2l) suite
make mk
less and more p
which whatis
doas auth/as
yes while(){ echo y }
shutdown fshalt
reboot fshalt -r or reboot
startx rio
top stats and ps
tree du $* | awk '{print $2}' | sort | sed 's/[^\/]+\// /g'
ufs{dump|restore} yesterday, history, or 9fs dump
mail upas/fs, mail, and faces
tcpdump snoopy
ping ip/ping
apt-get dist-upgrade, rpm -Ua, yum -c update sysupdate && cd /sys/src && mk clean && mk libs && mk install
apt, yum, pacman See ExternalSoftware
ftp ftpfs
ftpd aux/listen ftp
httpd rc-httpd/rc-httpd or ip/httpd/httpd
head sed 11q
groff troff
groff -l troff | lp
grops dpost
getopt aux/getflags
vim, emacs, nano, etc. sam, acme, and ed
df For hjfs: echo df >> /srv/hjfs.cmd
For cwfs: con -Cl /srv/cwfs.cmd, then stats
hwclock cat '#r/rtc'
ifconfig or ip ip/ipconfig
ip addr show cat /net/ndb or cat /net/ipselftab
kill -s STOP pid stop procname | rc or echo stop > /proc/pid/ctl
kill -s CONT pid start procname | rc or echo start > /proc/pid/ctl
kill -9 pid kill procname | rc, Kill procname | rc, and slay procname | rc
lspci pci -v and sysinfo
mount and unmount bind, mount, unmount, srv, import, exportfs, etc.
ln bind
fpaste or pastebinit webpaste
nslookup ndb/dnsquery
paste [file] pr -m [file]
netstat netstat or cat /net/iproute
netcat -l aux/listen1 -t tcp!*!$port command
netcat google.com 80 con -Cl tcp!google.com!80
ssh For other Plan 9 machines: rcpu and srv
For UNIX machines: ssh and sshfs
id and whoami whois $user
find By name: du -a | grep pattern and grep pattern `{du -a root}
By content pattern: grep -n pattern `{du -a root | awk '{print $2}'}
find -exec cp '{}' x ';' cp `{ du -a | grep pattern } x
cut awk -F …
crontab -e sam /cron/$user/cron
wget and curl hget and hpost
mount -t nfs $ip:/share /mnt/share nfs $ip
expr hoc -e
qemu-system-i386 and qemu-system-x86_64 vmx

GUI Programs

UNIX Plan 9
vlock screenlock
xwininfo winwatch
xclock games/catclock, clock, or faces
xload stats -l
xv file.jpg page file.jpg
xbiff faces
firefox, etc. webfs via mothra and abaco

Shell Constructs

bash rc
export PATH=$PATH:/dir bind -a /dir /bin
`command` `{command}
~/ $home/
"$@" $*
1>&2 >[2=1]
source /file . /file
!! ""


UNIX Plan 9
~/.profile $home/lib/profile
/home /usr
/var/log /sys/log
/usr/lib /$objtype/lib
/usr/include /$objtype/include and /sys/include
/usr/bin /$objtype/bin
/boot 9fs 9fat, /n/9fat