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For audio to work under Linux without /dev/dsp, one can use sndio. Install it with your favorite package manager, run sndiod, modify Make.unix: change AUDIO=unix to AUDIO=sndio and add -lsndio to LDADD. Run make CONF=unix. Sound should work now.

Since 9front is supposed to be used with three-button mouse, sometimes X11 (or Wayland) gets in the way of that, especially on Thinkpads, by emulating mouse wheel scroll with the middle trackpad button. It is advised to completely disable it. With sway input * scroll_button disable needs to be added to the configuration. With X11 xinput has to be used to disable mouse wheel emulation.


Run or add to your .xinitrc xinput set-prop "/dev/wsmouse" "WS Pointer Wheel Emulation" 0 to disable mouse wheel emulation.


Install termux and run there:

   # optional: pkg install unstable-repo && apt upgrade ### answer 'A' to all questions
   pkg install x11-repo
   pkg install clang python2 make libx11 xorgproto git
   git/clone http://git.9front.org/plan9front/drawterm
   cd drawterm
   make CONF=unix -j4

At this point you have a functional ./drawterm that you can run with -G to skip graphics.

/mnt/term/root/data/data/com.termux/files/home is where your Termux local files are exposed.


Step -3: set your $PATH right

Make.win32 prefixes the toolchain program variables with $(MING). Make sure the resulting names match up with toolchian program names.